Recent Samsung Galaxy A70 price drop in Pakistan suggests new Galaxy A70S incoming

Samsung has globally unveiled the long-rumored Galaxy A70S with a breathtaking 64-megapixel camera just last month. While we still haven’t heard anything about the new A70S launch in Pakistan but its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy A70 has just been hit by a sudden price drop. Could this actually mean the A70S release in Pakistan is just around the corner?

Samsung mobile has slashed 5,000 PKR off Galaxy A70 which carried a price tag of 65,000 PKR earlier and will now be retailing for just 59,999 Pak rupees. This could indicate an imminent A70S Launch, however, the brand is also teasing the A20 successor on its official facebook page for quite a while now but have yet to see it arrive. The new Samsung A20S is also due this month in Pakistan.

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